Standardized Products

PinJack has standard off-the-shelf products to save you time in the design phase:
These are tooled products that have been tested and are in use by Industry Enablers.

All these products have been designed through Value Engineering processes for the highest quality and cost efficiency.

PinJack constantly adds new products and programs; Contact us to see how we can meet your requirements.

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QSFPDD, QSFP, Type2, Type2a, Type2b QSFP28, QSFP-DD, QSFP112, QSFP56

The Pinjack release mechanisms are designed to streamline qualification processes at major OEMs and hyperscalers. These one-piece latch designs, available for QSFP, QSFPDD, and OSFP modules, eliminate discreet springs, enabling both cost-effectiveness and straightforward assembly in the final steps.

Compatible with a wide range of optical and electrical connections, including SN, MPO, Dual LC, AOC, and DAC, these latches maximize module internal space by utilizing the thinnest possible latch materials. Additionally, we are actively developing QSFPDD versions for type 2a and type 2b modules, eliminating the need for a separate heatsink cover. This not only reduces Bill of Materials (BOM) but also minimizes assembly costs.

SFP | SFP+ | SFP28 | SFP56 | SFP112 | SFP-DD | DSFP

The Pinjack SFP release mechanism is designed to expedite time-to-market and optimize cost savings during development and manufacturing by integrating one module enclosure for both pull tab and bail latch products.  Utilizing stamped stainless steel, ensures the necessary value, volume, and quality demanded by the small form-factor pluggable module market.

The mechanism guarantees reliable extractions through the implementation of MSA-defined and customer-preferred technique #2, where the latching post retracts into the module. For the pull key version, ensuring predictable extraction from the intended port is made possible by attaching the release tab to the top side of the module. This design, utilizing sheet metal as a spring, offers the market’s only one-piece SFP pull tab, optimizing cost effectiveness.

Furthermore, additional cost savings can be achieved by leveraging the latch’s crimping action to securely clamp the module shells together, eliminating the need for screws.

In addition to the latch’s innovative features, the Pinjack EMI fingers have undergone rigorous testing and qualification at data rates exceeding 25G, ensuring optimal performance in demanding environments

SFP Pull Tab, SFP, SFP28, SFP56, SFP112, SFPDD, SFP-DD

SFP+ | SFP28 | XGS-PON | MicroOLT | RJ45

Tailored for cost-effective applications where space constraints necessitate the utilization of MSA-defined technique #1, our latch is fully stamped, ensuring efficiency and affordability. The design involves the rotation of the bail, which pushes a wedge feature under the cage latch tab, lifting it off the post seamlessly.

What sets this latch apart is its adaptability to significant variations in the length and width of the module’s external portion, accommodating diverse applications such as microOLT and RJ45 solutions. This versatility makes it a reliable choice for various scenarios, meeting the demands of both constrained spaces and specific use cases.


Versatility in a single latch. Built on the innovative one-piece design originating from QSFPDD, this latch caters to a variety of form factors, including OSFP Type 1, OSFP RHS (riding heat sink), and ELSFP (external laser small form-factor pluggable).

This adaptable latch goes beyond form factors, facilitating the use of multiple cable optical connectors, such as MPO, Dual LC, Dual MPO, or SN. Additionally, it supports various cable termination types, including DAC, AOC, or AEC. One latch, meeting a spectrum of requirements.

OSFP TYPE 2 | OSFP Type 3 | OSFP1600 | OSFP-XD

A latch with all of the versatility and benefits of the original Pinjack design and now adapted to meet the requirements of OSFP-XD and OSFP1600.  The deeper latch pockets and angled latch surfaces enable 200G per lane without a significant loss of internal space thanks to the thinner than typical stamped metal design.  This latch design enables many interconnect configurations Dual Duplex LC ports, Dual MPO, single MPO, single LC, single SN, AOC, AEC and DAC. 

MPO-MT Ferrule Adaptor & AOC Strain Relief

Sharing components between multiple products reduces BOM costs, time to market and R&D investment.  The unique designs of the Pinjack MPO-MT ferrule and AOC strain relief enables sharing of all other components between a transceiver with an optical plug and an AOC with a cable terminated into the module. 

The unique Pinjack MPO-MT Ferrule adaptor allows seemless mating of an MPO plug into an optical transciever.  This single component allows easy assembly of the MT ferrule into MPO Locking collar.

The unique Pinjack AOC Strain Relief is made of a material that is both rigid enough to anchor the cable into the transciever housing and flexible enough to ensure a safe bend radius under all loading conditions.

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