PinJack International is a global manufacturer of precision zinc and aluminum die casting, plastic injection, and insert molding, as well as specialized in-house plating and surface treatments.

State-of-the-art tool design processes and software enable us to quickly fabricate tools for sophisticated high-tolerance parts. Our diverse capabilities fulfill industry needs.

  • High precision and stable processing in zinc die casting, insert molding, and plastic injection molding
  • One of the leading international zinc die cast manufacturers
  • Offers fully integrated production capabilities from design, to prototype, to high volume production
  • Leading edge and surface finishing technology
  • Provides customers with competitive products and services
  • Production is completely in-house
  • Assures maximum quality and cost-cutting measures
  • Delivers quality products and on-time performance
  • Offices and manufacturing located in the US and Taiwan
  • Zinc die casting
  • In-house tooling design, fabrication, and plating
  • Mold flow analysis
  • Specialized plating and surface treatments
  • Plastic injection molding and over molding
  • FIP Gasket application
  • CNC
  • Insert molding
  • Electro mechanical assembly work
  • Optical and electrical module design and assistance
  • Housings and encasements for sensor industries