FIP Gasket Application

Form In Place (FIP) Gasket Features:

  • Minimal material waste
  • Custom prototyping
  • Efficient, accurate application
  • Variety of selected materials
  • Fast lead time process
  • Protect electronics from EMI (electromagnetic interference) and harsh environmental elements by utilizing elastomers containing electrically conductive particles
  • Minimal setup, rapid prototyping, and a scale to high volume production
  • Complex chamber shielding and z-change gaskets, superior to other shielding solutions
  • Innovative machines are pinpoint accurate, allowing us to dispense elastomers on even the smallest design

Pin Jack offers in-house FIP services for optical modules and other applications.

We offer a variety of elastomers, providing compliant, resilient seals, with conductive particles that deliver advanced shielding performance.

Gaskets are placed by multiple-axis robotic dispensers. Several combinations of elastomers and particles provide a range of desired properties:

  • Compression force
  • Deflection range
  • Electrical conductivity
  • Shielding effectiveness
  • Galvanic corrosion resistance
  • Adhesion
  • Cure options